Seasonality: Available year-round, with peak production from August to December.
Size: Squashes are uniformly sized, weighing approximately 350 grams and measuring 18 centimeters in length, with a hard green skin. Ideal for soups, stews, and purees.


Type of Packaging: Presented in ventilated plastic bags, each containing 4 pieces, or in cardboard and/or plastic boxes to protect their skin and prevent mechanical damage, ensuring freshness.
Dimensions of the Plastic Box: 20.5 x 42 x 33 centimeters
Weight per Box: 15 kilograms
Boxes per Layer: 8 boxes
Total Number of Layers: 10 layers
Total Number of Boxes: 80 boxes
Dimensions of Finished Pallet: 2.25 meters high, 1 meter wide by 1.20 meters wide
Total Pallet Weight: 1,200 kilograms

Additional information

Producing area

Jalisco, Sinaloa, State of Mexico, Yucatan